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Novick Brown, N., & Connor, P.D. (in press). Impact of executive functioning on learning in fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). In: Bennett, K.P. (Ed.) Executive functioning: Role in early learning processes, impairments in neurological disorders and impact of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). Hauppauge, NY: Nova Pub.

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legal professionals need to know. Judges’ Page, Court Appointed Special Advocates.

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with prenatal alcohol exposure: A child/adolescent psychiatrist and forensic psychologist speak out. Psychiatric

Novick Brown, N., & Rich, S.D. (Winter 2013). A neurodevelopmental paradigm for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Judges’ Page, Court Appointed Special Advocates.

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with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. International Journal of Alcohol and Drug Research,

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Brown, N.N., Adler, R.S., & Connor, P.D. (2012). Conduct-disordered adolescents with fetal alcohol spectrum
disorder: Intervention in secure treatment settings. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 39, 789-812.


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FASD Experts is a unique, multidisciplinary forensic group with expertise in the
assessment of fetal alcohol spectrum
disorders (FASD) in individuals charged
with or convicted of crimes. We employ
a flexible, sequential assessment model
that is cost-effective and maintains
independence at each evaluative phase
to strengthen impact of expert opinions
from each member of our group. Our
cutting-edge protocol is based on
empirically- derived federal diagnostic
guidelines and conforms to the highest
standards of practice in FASD Assessment.
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American Psychological Association
Dr. Brown has been a member of the
American Psychological Association (APA)
since 1994 and subscribes to APA’s
ethical guidelines.
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